Vaccine Incentives

Get vaccinated Sept. 2-5 and receive a single-day ACL ticket!

VaxTogetherAustin is excited to announce an additional opportunity for the community to get vaccinated and receive an ACL Weekend One Single Day General Admission wristband.

We have approximately 275 wristbands available and will be offering them on a first come, first served basis and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY to patients who receive their 1st or 2nd Pfizer, 1st or 2nd Moderna, or Janssen Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine on Thursday Sept 2nd, Friday Sept 3rd, Saturday Sept 4th and Sunday Sept 5th.


These appointments are available on our website,, for the Walgreens at 45th and Guadalupe location only. Your appointment must be made via the link on our website, and you will need to both receive the vaccine and show a screen-shot of your confirmation email to pick up your wristband. 3rd doses (booster shots) are NOT eligible to receive wristbands, and your pharmacist will be able to verify your vaccination status. You do not need photo ID or insurance to get the vaccine, but you will be required to show photo ID and may be asked additional questions to determine eligibility for your wristband. We cannot guarantee your first- choice date for the wristband, but you will receive a wristband if you attend your appointment and fulfill the eligibility requirements.

You must use a valid email address for your appointment, which we will verify. You must also provide a valid phone number. We will delete appointments that use email addresses and phone numbers that are out of service, belong to restaurants or stores, or are clearly not legit.

Please note that you will need to comply with all ACL Festival Health Policies, which can be found here:

ACL Music Festival will have the most up to date information regarding requirements to attend the festival, and anything posted on their website and social media supersedes any information provided by VaxTogetherAustin.

This opportunity is intended to increase vaccination rates in Central Texas, in order to make our communities safer and reduce strain on our overwhelmed hospital system. We very much appreciate your respect for the intention and the eligibility requirements of this incentive.

Thank you!! Please stay safe and healthy! We can do this TOGETHER!